Monday, January 3, 2011

A true Michigan Man

I've met a lot of great Michigan fans in my many decades of following the Maize & Blue Football team, but none is more passionate, or loyal than the young man who writes the blog In Rod We Trust

For three years, like myself, he has steadfastly stood behind the leader of Michigan Football, win, or lose.

In my opinion your either a Michigan fan, or you think your a Michigan fan, there is no in between.

If your not sure which category you fall into, here's a simple test...

Do you support the Michigan Football program, including the players, assistant coaches, and the Head Football Coach.

If you answered "Yes" to that question, then your a Michigan fan.

The rest of you need to find somewhere else to go and complain.

Complaining and negative spirit is the sign of a loser, and we don't need losers cheering on the Wolverines.

If you answered "Yes" then please proceed to the link below.

Go Blue!

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