Sunday, November 28, 2010

The future of Michigan Football

All of the following is from my heart...

I love Michigan Football.

I believe in my team, the players, and the coaches.

I want Michigan Football to be great again.

Michigan lost yesterday to Ohio State, the 7th straight loss to the rival we, as fans, cannot stand the most.

Michigan is now 7-5, and the media, and some fans, are already preparing a place for ex-Wolverine QB Jim Harbaugh, the Stanford Cardinal coach, as the next Wolverine leader.

Even though Michigan AD Dave Brandon said that he would evaluate the program after the Wolverines upcoming bowl game, there are still factions of fans and media that believe Harbaugh will be Michigan's coach next week.

I love Rich Rodriguez, he's my coach.

He's the Michigan coach, and that's why he's my coach. 

I believe he will make Michigan great again, and by again, I mean next year.

I am not a mind reader, I am a fan, so I have no idea what AD Brandon will do.

I do know I will support my coach, Rich Rodriguez, until he is no longer my coach.

I also know I will support AD Brandon, a former Michigan player under legendary football coach Bo Schembechler.

I will support his decision, whatever that is. 

We, as fans just want honesty and integrity. 

We also want great football again.

Michigan fans want the team to win, and for the most part the fans are very good fans, and are knowledgeable.

Most of them.

The growing problem with some of the "so called" fan base of Michigan Football, and the negativity that seems to grow every single day, the hatred of the coach, the atrocious behavior of negative, hate filled fans, that bothers me the most.

That stuff is not appropriate.

The Wolverines have been part of my life for 34 years, and people who know me know me as a Michigan fan before they know anything else about me.

Win or lose, I wear my Michigan pride ever single day. 

What I never, ever do is wish my team would lose.

 I cannot stand when I hear "supposed" Michigan fans on the radio, or on Twitter talk about wanting the Wolverines to lose so that the coach will be fired.

If you are one of those fans, then you are NOT A MICHIGAN FAN!

A true fan would never root for their team to lose a football game...NEVER!

We're fans of the Michigan Wolverines, the team with more wins than any team in College Football History!

We're the fans of the team with the coolest helmets! 

 We're the fans of the team with the LARGEST stadium, The Big House!

We're the fans of the team with the GREATEST FIGHT SONG...THE VICTORS!

Why would you ever root against your own team...why?

If the coach isn't getting the job done, then another coach will be brought in.

You still NEVER root for your team to lose!

We as fans have a responsibility to behave the right way, to support the program, win, or lose.

Are you only going to root for a winner?

Are you only going to root for a Championship team?

Are you going to root based on wins and losses, or are you going to step up and be a true fan, and show your love and support for your team in the bad times as well as the good.

Yes, you can be mad, be upset, neck, I know I am.

What I am not is a fan who spews hatred toward the players and coaches who run the team I have followed since I was a 16 year old kid, watching Rick Leach and Rob Lytle run the Michigan offense.

Yes, I don't like the way they're playing, and yes, the defense gives me fits of fan rage.

And yes, I am not happy with the record of the Wolverines the past few years.

What I am most displeased with, however, is the continued venomous way in which Michigan fans, and the media as well, go after Head Coach Rodriguez, the staff, and the players.

We, as fans, don't know what happens except when we watch TV. We don't watch practice, we don't see the behind the scene things that go on every day.

We see the games, get upset when our team loses, and wonder how we lost that game.

Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, they are all conference champs today, something we Michigan fans were used to for 40 years, or so.

Now we're not champions, and that upsets us.

But, we cannot let losing permeate throughout the Michigan Nation with negative fans talking about the Michigan program in a negative way.

We are Michigan Fans!

We must be united as one, we must show solidarity that we are Michigan Men, Michigan fans for life, no matter what.

If you root against the Maize & Blue to lose, then you are NO MICHIGAN FAN.

You might say you are, you will tell me how you've been a fan for 10. 15, 25, 45, 50 years, etc., and that's fine, but if you want Michigan to lose, you are no longer a true Wolverine fan.

Hail to the Victors Valiant!

Go Blue!