Saturday, October 17, 2015

Michigan punter Blake O'Neill

Michigan lost a football game today.

The Wolverines lost on the final play, 27-23, after a botched punt attempt by Blake O'Neill, who has been a tremendous punter this year for Michigan.

Earlier in the game against the Spartans Blake punted  a ball 80 yards, just 2 yards short of a Michigan record.

The Wolverines and their fans were all cheering loudly after that amaxing punt by Blake O'Neill.

As a fan caught up in the excitement of the upcoming Michigan win, I was stunned by what I had just seen happen....then...what in the name of Fielding Yost just happened?

As soon as I sat back down I looked at my wife and said "...that kid won't be able to go to school this week."

Fans, we're a weird, crazy group... "fanatics "  for our teams.

We put everything we have into cheering on our teams, our players.

When they win, we're extatic, happy, smiling and having the best of times...what a great victory today!

When our teams lose, well, we are not happy, and sometimes we get mad, angry, breathing fire as we blame the coaches, the players, the officials, whoever we can blame...all to make us feel better.

Sometimes fans go to far when they're mad.

That sometime happened earlier today, and what was said to Blake O'Neill tonight after the Wolverines loss was, well, disgusting to say the leadt.

Social media is rearing it's ugly side tonight, and it's aiming its hatred at a kid, a kid who plays college football...a kid who made a mistake.

Tonight a bunch of so called called, because, no fan with any redeeming quality of life, should spew the ugly, hateful things that they are attacking Blake with after the young man made a simple mistake.

The mistake Blake O'Neill made cost his team a win in a football game...a college football game.

He didn't beat up a woman, he didn't rob anyone, he didn't stab anyone, he didn't kill anyone.

Any person who tells a college kid to "kill himself," tells a kid that he "choked," or that he "should have his scholarship taken away," should be ashamed of themselves, and should never be allowed to be a fan, or on social media anymore.

Michigan lost a football game today, and thats all that happened.

 I'm pretty sure noone feels as bad as Blake O'Neill does.

I'd like to tell Blake O'Neill that from the bottom of my heart, I apologize to him, as a Michigan fan, for all those hateful things that are bring sent toward him by those so called Michigan  fans.

Blake, those people do not speak for me, nor do they speak for 99% of all the great Michigan  Wolverines fans out there.

I hope,  I'm praying that  you're OK, that you're safe, and that you're among friends and family tonight.

We fans, we cheer on our heroes every week, most of us have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a player, or the pressure that you go through on a daily basis as you live, go to school,  and play football.

I know your teammates and coaches will be there for you, and I know you will get through all this and move on go the next day, the next practice, the next game.

Michigan is a special place, and you're fortunate to me a member of a special group of people...people who've played college football at the greatest University in the United States, the University of Michigan.

Again, please accept my apolgy, on behalf of all the great men, and women who are true Maize and Blue MEEEECHIGAN FANS, fans who are passionate, and fans who know that, win, or lose, we are there for you, your teammates, and the University of Michigan.

May God Bless you, your teammates, your coaches, and your family.

Thank You for playing football for my team.

Thank You for being a Michigan Wolverine.




Michigan fan hype video

A fellow Michigan fan found this tremendous hype video and posted it to her Facebook page today.

It's pretty Maize & Blue cool!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Vintage Spartans vs Wolverines

Just thought I'd post some vintage tickets and programs of past Michigan State-Michigan football games ahead of tomorrow's 108th annual game.


Meeeechigan vs. Sparty predictions.

Tomorrow the Michigan Wolverines will host their in-state rivlas, the Spartans of Michigan State.

Kickoff for the 108th meeting between the Spartans and Wolverines is scheduled for 3:30 pm, and will air on ESPN, and the networks signature show College GameDay, will air live from Michigan Stadium at 9 am Saturday morning.

Will Lee Corso don the old WINGED helmet tomorrow morning?

This is my 40th Sparty-Meeeechigan game as a fan, starting back as a 16 year old new fan of the Wolverines in 1976.

The Wolverines beat Sparty that day, 42-10, in front of 104, 211 at The Big House.

Between 1976 and 2007... 32 total games, the Wolverines beat the Spartans all but 6 times... 1978, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1995, and 2001.

That's a 26-6 record for Michigan vs MSU in that time period.

Oh, how the times have changed.  

Michigan State beat the Wolverines in 2008, their first win in Ann Arbor since 1990.

MSU won again in 2009...and again in 2010.

It was the first time State had won three straight vs UM since the mid 1960s.

The Wolverines fired Rich Rodriguez, hired Brady Hoke...and lost to State again in 2011.

Michigan broke that 4 game losing streak in 2012, 12-10, at home in Michigan Stadium, but have lost the past two games, in 2013 and 2014 (both games in Spartan Stadium).

Hoke was fired in the off season... 1-3 vs Sparty, following Rodriguez's 0-3 mark againat the boys from East Lansing. 

Time to renew, refresh, and re-establish Michigan Football.

Enter a Michigan legend...a Michigan Man.

In 1984, playing at Spartan Stadium, Michigan lost the game...and Sophomore quarterback Jim Harbaugh. 

Harbaugh suffrred a broken arm in that game, and Michigan fell to 6-6, Bo Schembechler's worst year ever coaching UM.

Harnaugh came back for his final 2 years, leading the Wolverines go a 10-1-1 record,  and a Fiesta Bowl win over Nebraska.

In 1986 Hatbaugh, now a Senior, led Michigan to the Big Ten Championship, a 10-1 regular season...two straight wins over MSU.

Harbaugh was the Big Ten MVP an All-American quarterback, and a first round draft pick in 1987 by the Chicago Bears.

On Saturday Michigan hosts the Spartans, winners of 6 of the past 7 games, and Jim Harbaugh will lead the Wolverines out of the Michigan Stadium tunnel to stop the bleeding.

Michigan is a great defensive team, and will have to play at their best to beat State, led by Senior QB Connor Cook.

Michigan is the favorite to win the game, by around 10 anyone on Las Vegas came up with Sparty as the underdog is beyond me.

State is ranked ahead of Michigan in the polls...State is 7th, UM is 12th...and yes, MSU has won 6 of 7, including 3 times at Michigan. 

How can Michigan be the

The reason is Jim Harbaugh.

Look, I love Michigan Football, I love Coach Harbaugh, and yes, the game is being played at Michigan, who's defense has shutout three straight teams, including  Big Ten opponents Maryland and Northwestern.

Jake Rudock leads the Michigan offense...he's the man...Coach Harbaugh has stood by his QB...and Rudock has improved every game.

Playing Sparty is never easy, and this year is no different.

So, again, we have the usual, a hard hitting game between the two big gime State of Michigan schools... Sparty and Meeeechigan.

The winning team has rushed the ball for more yards thatn thd losing team something like 38 of the last 44 years...and bith teams have terrific defensive teams, especially Michigan, who's defense is ranked, I believe,  #1 in college football.

I'm not good at predictions, especially when it comes to my teams...I'm always going to pick my teams to win.

I never expect Michigan to lose a football game...that doesn't mean I don't understand that they can't win... I lnow they have to lose football games. 

The past 8 years since the retirement of Lloyd Carr have been horrible for all Wolverines understatement to say the least. 

I know Michigan can beat Michigan State tomorrow... I expect them to beat the Spartans tomorrow...but...10+ points?

I know the Wolverines defense is awesome this year, and I expect them to play well tomorrow vs State...and I can't believe, as much as I want, to see them handle, even shutout MSU, I can't see that happening. 

What I can see is a well fought, tough football game between two old rivals... Paul Bunyan's trophy on the line...down to the final 5 minutes. 

The score?

I NEVER pick my Wolverines to lose...never!

The bad play is over...the Wolverines are back...

MEEEECHIGAN 23, Sparty 16.

Have a great day of football reasonably at the game...cheer on the Maize and Blue as Coach Harbaugh wins his first game vs Michigan State.

Hail to the Victors Valiant!

Hail to the Conquering Heroes...

...Hail, Hail, to Michigan... the Champions of the West!


Happy Meeeechigan Birthday... Ty Issac

We send out a great big Meeeechigan Football Birthday! to Wolverines running back Ty Issac.

Ty's 76 yard TD run vs. UNLV this year was...still is...awesome!

Another TD run like this tomorrow vs. the Spartans in The Big House would be pretty cool.

Happy Meeeechigan Birthday! Ty Issac... #GoBlue 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy 88th Birthday! Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium, college footballs largest on campus football stadium, turns 88 Maize and Blue years old today.

The Big House, capacity 72,000, opened, on October 1, 1927.

●●●● Michigan Stadium ●●●●

The Wolverines defeated Ohio Wesleyan 33-0 in that first game.

Hail to the Victors Valiant!

Go Blue!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Can't get enough Amara Darboh catch

I just watched Inside Michigan Football and was amazed... again... by the catch by Michigan wide receiver and brand new American Citizen Amara Darboh.

When I saw the catch live on my TV I was like...that's Desmond Howard worthy!

It's great to see great plays coming from The Big House again.