Friday, January 28, 2011

Up, Up, and Away

The Michigan Wolverines announced today that they will host the Air Force Academy Falcons in their home opener @ Michigan Stadium on September 8th, 2012.

Michigan adds the Falcons to an already loaded schedule in 2012.

The Wolverines, besides the 8 conference games and possible Big Ten Championship Game, will start the season in Cowboys Stadium against Alabama, and will play @ Notre Dame.

Michigan still has 1 open date to fill in 2012, on September 15th.
Sept. 1vs. Alabama (Arlington, Texas)
Sept. 8 Air Force
Sept. 22at Notre Dame
Oct. 6at Purdue
Oct. 13Illinois
Oct. 20Michigan State
Oct. 27at Nebraska
Nov. 3at Minnesota
Nov. 10Northwestern
Nov. 17Iowa
Nov. 24at Ohio State

The Wolverines haven't played the Air Force since 1964, defeating the Falcons, 24-7, at Michigan Stadium.

The Wolverines were led by Head Coach Bump Elliot, they finished the season 9-1, won the Big ten Championship, and defeated Oregon State, 34-7, in the 1965 Rose Bowl.

Big Brother is back in 2011

I know this is a blog about Michigan Football, but I just couldn't let last night's hoops win over the Spartans in the Breslin Center go by without a few comments.

So, after 1,181 days without a Wolverine football or hoops squad defeating a team of Sparty's from East Lansing, Michigan is now on the winning side of a contest against Michigan State.

Now, for all us die hard Wolverines, we follow Michigan sports of all sorts, like the UM Men's hockey team, who defeated Sparty in front of a record 113,000+ @ The Big house on December 11th.

That said, nothing tops hoops and football in Michigan, and last night's Wolverine win, on the road, in volatile East Lansing was as joyous an event as we Michigan Men have seen in a while.

Last night on Twitter, Detroit News writer Bob Wojnowski, made the great comment, 

"It's worth noting that Michigan hasn't lost to Michigan State since Brady Hoke took over. Just saying."

The feeling in the state, from what I've read on various blogs, tweets, and from the calls on radio, this could be a turning point for the Michigan hoops program.

Tom Izzo and the Spartans have owned the State of Michigan for over a decade, and until last night, there were no signs that would change.

John Beilein, Michigan's hoops coach, had started to feel the heat of another bad season in Ann Arbor, with the Wolverines 1-6 in Big Ten play before last nights win over Sparty.

With that win, the young Wolverines, who have NO Senior Class playing on the court, it's a launching pad for future success.

Now Beilein can go into a recruits house, look him in the eye, and say..."we have beaten State, and we will continue to do so...with your help.!!!!

Big Brother is back, and if last night's hoops game is any indication, their back to stay.

Go Blue!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wolverines lead Nation in attendance...again

Bo Schembechler was once asked to talk about his 1984 football team, the only Michigan team he ever coached to a non-winning season, at 6-6.

Bo said that the best thing about that squad was the captain, Doug James, who stated that,

"hey, we still led the nation in attendance.

Leading college football in attendance is nothing new for Michigan, who once again is the nation's leader in attendance, welcoming an average of 111, 825 fans in 2010.

On opening day against Connecticut Michigan set the NCAA record for attendance at a single game at 113,090.


New U-M coach Brady Hoke scrambling to save recruiting class | | The Detroit News

New U-M coach Brady Hoke scrambling to save recruiting class | | The Detroit News

Tate Forcier leaves Michigan

Tate Forcier has officially left Michigan, leaving behind a roller coaster ride with the team after 2 years as a Wolverine.

I like Tate, he seems to be a good kid.

I had the pleasure of meeting him here in Jacksonville before he was sent home prior to the Gator Bowl game on New Year's Day.

That's what makes his message that :Michigan gave up on me" so upsetting.

I think Michigan did the right thing, he wasn't getting his school work done, and at Michigan, if you don't go to class and keep up your grades, then you're gone.

I wish the best for Tate, he's a very talented kid, as he showed during his Freshman season with the Wolverines, starting all 12 games, and giving us a game to remember as he led Michigan to a come from behind victory over Notre Dame with seconds left in the 4th quarter.

I think he can be a big time QB, but he needs to get himself together, do his work, both on and off the field, and he will play in the NFL one day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greg Mattison is new Michigan defensive coordinator

Through sources on Twitter, the Michigan Wolverines have hired Greg Mattison to be the Wolverines defensive coordinator.

The Baltimore Ravens announced the promotion of secondary coach Chuck Pagano as their new defensive coordinator, and that Mattison has taken the Michigan job.

The 61 year old Mattison returns to Michigan , where he was the defensive coordinator from 1995-1996.

New Michigan head coach Brady Hoke has ties with Mattison, first at Western Michigan, where Mattison was the D-Coordinator, and Hoke was the defensive line coach, from 1984-85-86, and at Michigan in 95-96.

The Ravens were #3 in the NFL in total defense in 2009, and #10 in 2010 under Mattison.

YouTube - InRichRodWeTrust's Channel

YouTube - InRichRodWeTrust's Channel

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tate Forcier will stay at Michigan if wanted, father says | | The Detroit News

Tate Forcier will stay at Michigan if wanted, father says | | The Detroit News

A letter to all Michigan fans from Head Football Coach Brady Hoke

It's been a very exciting three days for Michigan Football, it's fans, players, and especially for new football coach Brady Hoke, who, in response to a question about getting from San Diego to Ann Arbor, said,

"we would've walked here."

Coach Hoke and his family sent out a letter to all Wolverine fans through in which they talk about their love of Ann Arbor, the Michigan family, and how excited they are when it comes time to run out of the Michigan Stadium tunnel on September 3rd.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Michigan introduces Brady Hoke as new Head Football Coach

"A Michigan Man will coach Michigan."

Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon introduced Brady Hoke today as the 19th Head Football Coach at the University of Michigan.

Hoke, who coached the Michigan defensive line coach from 1995-2002, comes from San Diego State University, where he guided the Aztecs to a 9-4 record in 2010, including a win over Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Brady Hoke proudly thanked former coach Rich Rodriguez for he and his coaches for their service to Michigan Football.

Hoke talked with passion about his connections to the "Michigan family."

"we understand what Michigan football means" Hoke said, 

"Character means something" said Hoke, who started his journey as an assistant coach with Bo Schembechler in 1980.

Hoke was very emotional talking about the players he called "family," and ended up his intro by saying "Go Blue!

My favorite quote was about growing up in Ohio..

"...I grew up in Ohio, I loved coach Hayes, but I was not a fan of that university."

Hoke talked about recruiting the Midwest and Michigan, and how it ties into the rivalries with Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State, saying 

"we take these very seriously"

Hoke constantly talked about the Michigan Family," and what it means to be the past of the Michigan Football program.

AD Dave Brandon says Hoke will sign a six year contract with Michigan.

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Brady Ball begins

Brady Hoke is now the Michigan Man that will lead the Wolverines back to the top of the Big Ten Conference standings.

Hoke is a former Michigan defensive coach, and as a member of the 1997 National Championship team, I hope Coach Hoke wears that big NC ring and let's everyone know he's the man to take the Wolverines back.

All day on my Twitter page I've been getting tweets from former Michigan players excited about the hiring of Coach Hoke, including Desmond Howard, Cato June, Mike Hart, and Jonathon Goodwin.

On the homepage you'll find a link to current and former Wolverines on Twitter. Check 'em out.

Brady Hoke is the new Michigan Head Football Coach.

Brady Hoke has been hired as the 19th Head Football Coach by the Michigan Wolverines.

From the Official Michigan Twitter page...
 Michigan football has a new head coach. Welcome back to Ann Arbor Mr. Brady Hoke.  

Hoke led San Diego State to a 9-4 record in 2010, his second year at the helm of the Aztecs, leading them to a win in the Pointsettia Bowl, 35-14, over Navy.

Hoke was given his first assistant coaching job by then Michigan coach Bo Schembechler in 1980, and also coached for the Wolverines from 1995-2002.

Michigan conducted a national search after firing Rich Rodriguez last Wednesday.

Michigan will hold a press conference tomorrow, Wednesday, January 12th, @ 1PM.

Michigan Football: The Mad Magicians

Friday, January 7, 2011

Michigan football is big business, and players, coaches pay the price | | The Detroit News

Michigan football is big business, and players, coaches pay the price | | The Detroit News

Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford for the 49ers

Jim Harbaugh has left Stanford and signed a $5 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Harbaugh led the Cardinal to a 12-1 record in 2010, and a Orange Bowl Championship this past Monday night.

In 2006 the Cardinal were 1-11, Harbaugh became the Head Coach in 2007, turning Stanford into a contender for the Pac 10 Championship, losing only to Oregon, who will be playing for a National Championship, this year.

Now that Harbaugh won't be the next coach at Michigan, I hope the Wolverines Athletic Director, Dave Brandon, moves quickly to find Michigan's next head football coach.

Weather it's former Lloyd Carr assistant Brady Hoke, or ex-Michigan player Les Miles, the Wolverines must find a coach, and sooner better than later.

National signing day is February 2nd, just 26 days away, and the coaching staff is going to have their work cut out for them making sure the recruits already committed to the team will stay, plus, they will be targeting their own kids to recruit.

Michigan took a shot at Harbaugh earlier, and missed, now it's time not to miss.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Statement From Rich Rodriguez, former Coach

Statement From Rich Rodriguez, former Coach

Michigan AD Dave Brandon speaks about Michigan Football

Say what you want, but Michigan's Athletic Director, Dave Brandon, is showing that he is, indeed, a true Michigan Man, and that he expects nothing less than that from each and every one of us, the faithful Michigan Nation.

Read Mr. Brandon's comments here, on his blog. 

Michigan is going to need a new coach very soon, as National signing day for incoming freshman is on February 2nd, 2011.

I expect an announcement by the end of the weekend, and it's my belief that Brady Hoke, the Head Coach at San Diego State, will be the choice as Michigan's new coach.

Jim Harbaugh, the former Michigan QB and 1986 Big Ten MVP, is the obvious choice of all the Wolverine fans, but it seems as is he will be headed to the NFL, with either the 49ers, the Broncos, or the Dolphins.

I would love to see Harbaugh, and his great passion, become Michigan's next coach, and I'll still hold onto that until I see him elsewhere, but I will support whomever becomes the next Michigan Man, because, after all, that's what's most important, that the Wolverine Nation comes together in total support of the Maize & Blue.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's a Michigan Man?

Through all the drama that's unfolded with the firing of Rich Rodriguez there's been one question that keeps popping up when asked about a new coach.

What exactly is a Michigan Man?

As a fan with more than a few years of rooting under my belt, I thought I could give a proper answer.
Your a Michigan Man if...

You follow the Michigan Wolverines Football team with an deep sense of pride, passion, and respect, respect of The University of Michigan, the Michigan Football team, it's players, the coaches, and the program, win, or lose.

I have heard a lot of  fans say that former coach Bo Schembechler wasn't a Michigan Man when he came to Ann Arbor in 1969, and while that's true, it is also true that Bo himself is the one who coined the phrase :Michigan Man."

When Bill Frieder decided he was going to leave Michigan to become the basketball coach at Arizona State it was Schembechler who fired Frieder immediately, saying
"...a Michigan Man is going to coach Michigan..."
Being a fan of the Wolverines requires dedication to the team in more ways than just wearing t-shirts, hats, and watching games.

It requires a certain spirit, a spirit that flows within you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, until the day to are passed and gone onto Maize and Blue heaven.

The spirit of being a true Michigan Man is the way you handle yourself as a Michigan fan, the excitement when a fan of another team asks you about the Wolverines, the way you look when you see another Michigan fan and you both reply "Go Blue!"

When you describe yourself as a Michigan Man, you are letting the world know that you are 100% vested in the team, the players, and the coaches.

100%, not anything less.

Your either "All In," of your not, and if your not, I suggest you take a good hard look at yourself and figure out who you are, because being a Michigan Man requires an unwavering respect and love of Michigan Football.

Michigan Men are proud of the tradition that is Michigan Football, proud of the men and women who have served the University and the football program for 131 years of intercollegiate athletics.

 A young Michigan student riding on a train back to Ann Arbor after a Michigan game against the University of Chicago in 1898 was so full of spirit, Michigan spirit, that he wrote these words that would become Michigan lore...

                               "Hail to the Victors Valiant
                                 Hail to the conquering heroes,

                                Hail, Hail, to Michigan, the leaders and best, 

                               Hail to the Victors Valiant, 

                               Hail to the conquering heroes,

                               Hail, Hail, to Michigan, the Champions of the West."

The spirit flowing through young Louis Elbel that night as he wrote "The Victors" is the same spirit that every Michigan Football fan should be feeling each and ever day.

From the days of Fielding Yost, the "Father of Michigan Football," through Fritz Crisler, the famed Michigan Winged Helmet, the Mad Magicians, Tom Harmon, old 98, through Bennie Oosterbann and Bump Elliot, through Rose Bowl victories, and through defeats, Michigan Men are the force that keeps the spirit of the Michigan Football going.

Bo Schembechler once said "we will win more games with tradition than anything else."

What he meant by that is quite simple.

With tradition comes respect and honor to the players and coaches who have blazed the Maize & Blue trail to the present day.

Every point a minute team of 1901-02-03-04 lead to the "Benny to Bennie" show of the mid 1920's, which led to Harry Kipke and two National Championships in the early 1930's, a team led by a future President of the United States, Gerald Ford.

Every Big Ten Championship means something to the generation of Michigan players that follow them.

Every All-American, every All Big Ten player, every Rhodes Scholar, they all stamp their mark on the Wolverines for all generations.

In 1969 Michigan Head Coach Bump Elliot was removed, and the spirit of Michigan Football was re-energized by a tough, hard nosed man from Barberton, Ohio named Glenn "Bo" Schembechler.

"Those who stay will be Champions"

For the past 34 years Michigan Football has been a part of my life, it has become my identity.

People know I'm a Tiger fan, a Red Wings fan, a Pistons fan, and a Lions fan, but if you asked them about me they would tell you that I'm a Michigan fan first and foremost, and the rest are all tied for second place.
From Bo and the Big Ten Champions of the 1970's, through the great Anthony Carter, Bo's 1st Rose Bowl Champions, through Jim Harbaugh and Jamie Morris, through two Heisman winners Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson, through Coach Mo and Coach Carr, and yes, Coach Rodriguez.

34 years.

34 years of losing Rose Bowls...the first three I ever saw the Wolverines lost, and yet I remained a fan.

34 years of gut wrenching defeats, from Charles White's phantom fumble in the 1978 Rose Bowl to Notre Dame's Harry Oliver's game winning kick in 1980 and Reggie Ho's in '88, from losses to South Carolina and Heisman winner Charles Rodgers, to BYU and Robbie Bosco, National Champs of 1984, and through the Kordell Stewart Hail Mary in '94, and now through 7 straight years of losing to Ohio State,

They were all terrible days, but I'm still here.

Michigan Men never, ever waiver in their love, their support, their allegiance to the Maize & Blue.

Losing flat out stinks, and I'm the first to admit that I never thought the Michigan program would be this bad.

Being a fan isn't supposed to be easy, as Tom Hanks character Jimmy Dugan says in "A League of their Own"

           "It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great"

The hard times have been a long time coming, 40 years, and now we are knee deep in the most difficult times of a generation of fans.

What are you doing, as a fan, to keep that Michigan spirit going?

What are you doing to keep the spirit of Michigan Football alive and well?

What are you doing to make the Wolverine Nation and the spirit of Yost, Friedman, Kipke, Ford, Harmon, Crisler, Oosterbann, Elliot, Kramer, Schembechler, Leach, Carter, Harbaugh, Howard, Moeller, Carr, Woodson, Greise, Brady, Hart, Henne, Graham, and Robinson?

A new era begins, but the spirit of Michigan Football has been there for forever.

Go Blue!

Rich Rodriguez We Hardly Knew Ye

Michigan fans are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable fans in college football, and I know know one who fits that description better than the Michigan fan who wrote the fpllowing post on his blog.

It is as well written as anything you will ever read.

The link is below.

Rich Rodriguez We Hardly Knew Ye

Michigan looking to the future

It's now official, Rich Rodriguez has been relieved as the Head Football Coach at the University of Michigan.

Dave Brandon, Michigan's Athletic Director, held a press conference earlier today in Ann Arbor, stating that he would conduct a national search for the Wolverines next coach, and that yes, he has talked to Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, several times,"in the past."

The end of the three year experiment of bringing in a coach that didn't fit into the typical Wolverine philosophy of Big Ten football.

The Michigan record of 15-22 was the worst 3 year stretch in the 131 year history of college football's All-Time leader in wins and winning percentage.

Besides Harbaugh, ex Michigan assistants Brady Hoke, the San Diego State Head Coach, and Les Miles, the Head Coach at LSU, have been named as possible candidates for the Michigan job.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rich Rodriguez has been fired as Michigan Football Coach.

The University of Michigan has relieved Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez of his duties today.

In three years in Ann Arbor, Rodriguez had a record of 15-22, including a Big Ten mark of 6-16.

Rodriguez was hired in December 2007 after the retirement of then Head Coach Lloyd Carr.

Many reliable sources are saying that former Michigan Assistant Coach Brady Hoke, the current Head Coach at San Diego State,  will become the Wolverines 19th Head Football Coach in the teams 131 years of inter-collegiate athletics.

On a personal note, I wish Coach Rodriguez well.
I believe he was given an impossible task, to change the culture of Michigan Football.

Michigan has run many different offensive styles since 1969, but the spread was something certain Michigan fans, Alumnus, and boosters just would not allow.

Anyone who think Rich Rodriguez can"t coach, go and check out the past two winners of The Chicago Tribune's Silver Football Award Winners...DE Brandon Graham in 2009, and QB Denard Robinson.

Now we begin a new, and I'm still All-In for the Maize & Blue.

Go Blue!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A true Michigan Man

I've met a lot of great Michigan fans in my many decades of following the Maize & Blue Football team, but none is more passionate, or loyal than the young man who writes the blog In Rod We Trust

For three years, like myself, he has steadfastly stood behind the leader of Michigan Football, win, or lose.

In my opinion your either a Michigan fan, or you think your a Michigan fan, there is no in between.

If your not sure which category you fall into, here's a simple test...

Do you support the Michigan Football program, including the players, assistant coaches, and the Head Football Coach.

If you answered "Yes" to that question, then your a Michigan fan.

The rest of you need to find somewhere else to go and complain.

Complaining and negative spirit is the sign of a loser, and we don't need losers cheering on the Wolverines.

If you answered "Yes" then please proceed to the link below.

Go Blue!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The next day

24 hours ago I was arriving home from a brutal beat down by my Wolverines at the hand of Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl.

A day later the sting has gone, but the memory of the worst bowl loss in Michigan history will stay forever, and the fallout of the debacle will soon start.

Michigan's Athletic Director, and former Wolverine, Dave Brandon, will meet with Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez early in the coming week, evaluating where he believes the program is at, and where it is headed.

Most Michigan fans, myself included, believe Rodriguez has coached his final game as the Wolverine leader, and that it's just a matter of time before he is released of his duties.

There were many positives in this years team, however, all of them were on offense.

Sophomore QB Denard Robinson became the first player in NCAA history to rush and pass for 200+ yards in two games in a single season, and broke the NCAA record for rushing yards in a single season by a QB, with 1,538.

Robinson was also voted the Big Ten's MVP, and he was awarded by the Chicago Tribune with the Silver Football, which is given to the Big Ten Player of the Year.

Robinson was simply the best offensive player in the conference, and Michigan's most electrifying player since Desmond Howard.

The defense, on the other hand, struggled all year, and the young players were simply out manned in nearly every conference game, as they gave up chunks of yardage game after game.

The kicking game was a nightmare, with two kickers combing to go just 4-14 on the year, including a 35 yard miss in the Gator Bowl.

The Wolverines finished 7-6, a winning record, but that will be forgotten by most of the fans, and the media, who always seem to glorify the negative in sports.

If I had a decision, I would keep Rodriguez as the coach, but demand an immediate change in the coaching staff.

The defensive coaches, along with the 3-3-5 defense must be fired, starting with Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams.

In my best guess, I see this offense, with a ton of Juniors and Sophomores, few Seniors, blowing away any defense they face. 

What has to happen is for the other side of the ball, especially the D-Line, to get better. 

The trenches of the Big Ten won't get any easier next year, when Nebraska enters the league.

If coach Rodriguez has coached his last game, I salute him for his service, and wish him well.

Coach Rodriguez is a good coach, a fine man, and he will land on his feet with that offense.

If Jim Harbaugh becomes the Wolverines Head Football coach, I will be happy, and, as always, I will support the leader of the Maize and Blue.

If there is a change, the powers that be better get their collective ducks in a row, and not miss, like they did in 2007, when they thought Les Miles was ready to leave LSU in the middle of winning a National Championship run.

2011 didn't start out well for us Michigan fans, and we have to wait a very long 9 months for the kickoff in the Big House on September 3rd against Western Michigan.

In the meanwhile, there's recruiting, the Spring Game, and fall practice.

Oh, and the biggest thing of all...who will be leading the Wolverines during all those activities.

All the evidence is in — and RichRod must go | | The Detroit News

All the evidence is in — and RichRod must go | | The Detroit News

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feeling very Blue

Today I attended my 3rd Michigan bowl game, and  7th Michigan football game overall, and for the first time ever I walked away on the losing side of the score.

Michigan got blown out by Mississippi State, 52-17.

Michigan, in it's 110 years of going to bowls, has never, ever gave up more points, or lost by a bigger margin than the Wolverines did today.

The final score was bad, terrible, horrible, flat out embarrassing.

As a fan, I never thought the Wolverines would lose like that, especially after holding a 14-10 lead in the first quarter.

There were plenty of Michigan fans in attendance, singing "Hail to the Victors" and chanting "Go Blue" all, well, most of the day.

With the outcome, Michigan finished with a 7-6 record, a winning season, yes, but with two straight lopsided losses, it's a forgone conclusion that we have see Rich Rodriguez coach his last game at Michigan.

Now, I've been a supporter of Rodriguez from day one, and I still believe he's a good football man, but today's humiliating loss is just the thing Michigan's Athletic Director, Dave Brandon didn't want to see.

The defense was as porous as ever.

The Wolverines defensive unit was manhandled at the line of scrimmage, and the Bulldog offensive line opened up gaping holes for quarterback Chris Relf and the Bulldog runners.

Michigan looked slow and the first quarter.

Now, I'm just a fan, and I really  don't understand every aspect of what coaching takes day in and day out.

What I do know is that I am a Michigan fan, 35 years of living and dying with the Wolverines, and what I saw today was embarrassing, embarrassing in every way imaginable.

I support the team, I support the coaches, I support the players, and I support the administration.

What I don't support is losing.

Losing stinks, and today was as bad as it gets.

Now, I simply could say that I want a coaching change, a change I heard all around the Gator Bowl today by disgruntled Wolverine fans.

I could take the low road that many Michigan fans have taken and really rip into coach Rich Rodriguez.

I could, but I will not.

I will not do that to a man that was asked to change Michigan into something it is not.

Michigan is Michigan, plain and simple.

The Michigan Regents, the Athletic Director, and the President should have done their homework and understood what they were trying to do.

They asked Rodriguez to come in and make Michigan a high powered spread offensive team like the Florida's, the LSU's, and the Boise State's of college football.

Michigan is Michigan.
As soon as they hired the man who invented the spread offense, the culture of Michigan Football was changed.

As soon as the culture was changed,  players who didn't want to do the work, who didn't want to play in a spread offense, those players left, either for the NFL, or on a transfer.

Instead of a big, strong armed, NFL bound quarterback, Michigan got two QB's who had never set foot on a college field, even for practice.

Now, yes, I understand the defense was pathetic, and that the injuries are just a crutch, a reason to say, yeah, but...Troy Woolfolk got hurt, and so on, and so on.

And hey, Michigan couldn't even kick simple field goals.

The special teams were mediocre.
Yes, all of that is true.

What's even more true is the way in which so called fans of Michigan and the team railroaded and bad mouthed the coaches, Rodriguez in particular, from the start.

Fans have bad mouthed Rodriguez from day one, and the media have put the throttle down on his neck, never letting up for one minute.
The lack of support of a man who was doing what he was asked to do, to change the way Michigan plays football, has been just as embarrassing as the product was on the field, and yet no of them will be without a job come next week.

Fans get to hide behind their cell phones, on sports radio, or on social networking csites.

The don't have to face the men and women who work their back sides off each and every day, the one's giving their blood, their sweat, their tears, their lives, every single day, every single week, 24/7/365.
When tomorrow comes around, and the sun comes up, I'll still be a Michigan fan, I'll wear my Maize and Blue as faithfully as ever.
As 2011 begins anew, remember this...

...I will never, as a fan, ask for someone to be fired, I'll leave that to the so-called fans who find solace in other people's misery.

I never bad mouth a coach, or a player for doing their best, trying their hardest.

I am a Michigan fan, a Michigan man.

I love that football team, yes, my football team.

I supported Bo, and Coach Mo, I supported Coach Carr, and I support Coach Rodriguez.

I want my beloved Michigan to be winner again, and no, not just 7-6.

I want them to be Big Ten Champions again, I want them to win a National Championship.

Remember this, as you look back at the past few sentences...

...there is no I in TEAM...there is NO I...NO TEAM