Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Brother is back in 2011

I know this is a blog about Michigan Football, but I just couldn't let last night's hoops win over the Spartans in the Breslin Center go by without a few comments.

So, after 1,181 days without a Wolverine football or hoops squad defeating a team of Sparty's from East Lansing, Michigan is now on the winning side of a contest against Michigan State.

Now, for all us die hard Wolverines, we follow Michigan sports of all sorts, like the UM Men's hockey team, who defeated Sparty in front of a record 113,000+ @ The Big house on December 11th.

That said, nothing tops hoops and football in Michigan, and last night's Wolverine win, on the road, in volatile East Lansing was as joyous an event as we Michigan Men have seen in a while.

Last night on Twitter, Detroit News writer Bob Wojnowski, made the great comment, 

"It's worth noting that Michigan hasn't lost to Michigan State since Brady Hoke took over. Just saying."

The feeling in the state, from what I've read on various blogs, tweets, and from the calls on radio, this could be a turning point for the Michigan hoops program.

Tom Izzo and the Spartans have owned the State of Michigan for over a decade, and until last night, there were no signs that would change.

John Beilein, Michigan's hoops coach, had started to feel the heat of another bad season in Ann Arbor, with the Wolverines 1-6 in Big Ten play before last nights win over Sparty.

With that win, the young Wolverines, who have NO Senior Class playing on the court, it's a launching pad for future success.

Now Beilein can go into a recruits house, look him in the eye, and say..."we have beaten State, and we will continue to do so...with your help.!!!!

Big Brother is back, and if last night's hoops game is any indication, their back to stay.

Go Blue!

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