Friday, July 15, 2011

Detroit News Wolverine mascot contest winner

The Detroit News recently asked Michigan fans to come up with a mascot for the Wolverines.

Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon has said he'd like to see the school come up with an appropriate mascot. although he stated that no time table or ideas have been discussed.

Here is the winner, from Andrew Nyhoff, a 26 year old from my hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I think it's pretty well done, very cool.

I like the way the Winged Helmet design was added into the Wolverines face and the fierce Wolverine is an absolute winner.

On the kids side, your winner was done by Brooke Minoske of Riga, Michigan.

Another fantastic job. 

You can see all 14 contenders here.

I would like to see Michigan come up with a mascot, and I even think they should bring a live Wolverine to certain home games, such as Homecoming, the Spartan game, the Buckeye game.

The mascot is just another in a line of ideas, such as the 1st night game this year with Notre Dame, the Legacy Jerseys, and the upgrading of the facilities across the Michigan campus, that is making the Brandon a great A.D.

Michigan Football is in a lot better shape today than it has been in several years, and not a single game has been played yet.

The 2011 season opener against Western Michigan cannot get here quick enough.

Go Blue!

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