Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Wolverines 2010 QB's

OK, here they are Michigan fans, the 3 Wolverine's competing to be the started next Saturday. Who you got?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Countdown to Kickoff...8 days and counting

Michigan football has been my life every fall for 34 years now, and next weeks Home opener against the UCONN Huskies will still feel like that first kickoff in 1976, when Rick Leach and Rob Lytle, and the best defense in college football led the Wolverines to the first of three consecutive Big Ten Titles, including romping over the hated Buckeyes in Columbus, 22-0.

Michigan heads into the season looking to put the past two years of futility behind them, and compete for a Big Ten Championship, and the teams first bowl game invitation since the Wolverines beat the Florida Gators and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow in the 2008 Citrus Bowl.
The picture to the left is one of my favorite pictures ever, and one day I'd love to get Tebow to autograph it for me.

This year the Gator Bowl starts an agreement that will match up a team from the SEC with a team from the Big Ten.

Now, although that would mean the Wolverines didn't win the conference, or go to the Rose Bowl, I'd love to see the Wolverines play here in Jacksonville, FLA.

The last time Michigan traveled to JAX, Gary Moeller led the Wolverines to a 35-3 dismantling of Ole Miss.

Michigan's offensive line...all  5 of them, were the MVP's of the game as the offense racked up over 700 yards of total offense.

So, one week from tomorrow, and it's Michigan Football once again.

Michigan vs. Connecticut...a Meeeechigan win!

The Wolverines will be rededicating the Big House, Michigan Stadium, with a new NCAA record capacity of 109,901.

Michigan's offense should be tremendous again this year, look for the Wolverines to ring up Hail to the Victors quite a bit, helping out a young defense, defeating the Huskies, 38-20. 


Friday, August 20, 2010

MeeechiganTwitter Buzz

There is a report via Mark May's Twitter page that Denard Robinson will be the starting QB for the Wolverines on September 4th vs. the UCONN Huskies.

It's not a big surprise, Robinson has, from all the things I've read, a great off season, and improved immensely. I hope that also means he has also improved his passing skills.

I've always said that I think Tate Forcier, based on his starting all 12 games in 2009, should be the starter, but I also want the best player to QB Michigan, and if that's Robinson, I'll be behind the decision.

Denard is the best pure athlete on the Michigan football team, and by far the fastest. If he gets command of the passing game, he could become the best QB in the Big Ten.

I still like it when both Forcier and Robinson are on the field together, and if they are capable of having Robinson both throw, and run the ball effectively, then add true freshman Devin Gardner into the mix, then I think the Wolverines will continue to become the Big ten's best offense.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Michigan loses Senior CB Troy Woolfolk

Michigan's 2010 football campaign has taken a huge hit with the announcement today that Senior Cornerback Troy Woolfolk was hurt in practice on Tuesday, breaking the fibula in his right leg. 

Woolfolk is the son of former Michigan Wolverine Butch Woolfolk, who was the MVP of the 1981 Rose Bowl.

Below is a link to the story from Angelique Chengelis of the Detroit News.

Woolfolk's injury depletes an already thin Michigan secondary, which included the dismissal of Demar Dorsey form his scholarship, the transfer of Justin Turner, and Senior Corner Donovan Warren going to the NFL.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Mailbox

In my mailbox today was the fall M DEN catalog for Fall 2010...very cool!

There a lot of great items, including the 2010 Student T-Shirt, which I have already ordered.

M Den

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rich Rodriguez as the Michigan Football Coach?

Do you believe Rich Rodriguez should be the head coach of Michigan?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Being a Michigan Man

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a Michigan fan, and they will also tell you that I'm a Michigan or lose...I'm a Wolverine Fan!

Nowhere in "The Victors" does it say to only root for Michigan if they're winning!
For quite some time now the landscape of Michigan football has been changing, and for the most part, it's been good. 

However, the one area where I just think it's gotten out of hand is the viciousness toward the program by people who continue to berate players and coaches instead of supporting the Michigan football program.

Over at In Rod We Trust  there is a terrific article about the state of the program, and how as fans we should be supportive of the program, and the coaches. Check it out.

People who do this call themselves fans. I call them anything but.

Michigan Men stand by their team...The Team...The Team...The Team!
"We cheer and cheer again
For Michigan we cheer for Michigan..."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One month to go

Today marks my official countdown to start another Wolverine football month from today   until Michigan runs out of the Michigan Stadium tunnel to take on the UCONN Huskies, September 4th.

It's amazing how fast the seasons change, how fast the years continue to go by. This will be my 36th year following the Maize & Blue.

This picture was taken by my beautiful wife while we were in Ann Arbor in March of 2009.  The stadium was closed, so I showed her the campus a little, had a great lunch @ Joe's Sub Shop, went into the new M-Den store, and then made our way over to Schembechler Hall.

After finding out that the Michigan museum was closed, the asked if we could just take a few pictures, because we were on our way back to Florida, and wouldn't be back for quite some time.

The great ladies let us in, just for a few minuets, and we looked around at all the great memorabilia...the Heisman's, the Little Brown Jug, the retired jerseys...great stuff...and then we ran into this guy...

One of the greatest days of my life.

From this moment on, no matter what happened, Michigan Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez earned a special place in my heart.

Coach Rodriguez didn't know me, didn't know my wife, but he spent about 10 minuets, or so, just talking with me, giving this Michigan fan an unforgettable moment, and one that I will cherish the rest of my life.

Go Blue!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My pick for the Wolverines QB

Going into fall camp, the biggest question facing Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez is who will be the starting QB on September 4th when the Wolverines face the UCONN Huskies at The Big House.   

Here's my pick...

The Wolverines started Tate Forcier in all 12 games in 2009, and to me, that's why he should be the starter going into the 2010 football season.

Michigan is blessed to have three great talents at QB, including Forcier, fellow Sophomore Denard Robinson, and true Freshman Devin Gardner, but the fact remains that Forcier is better equipped to run the Wolverines spread offense.

Forcier had his problems last year, that's for sure, and even if Gardner's throwing has improved, I still have to believe that Forcier's decision making has improved also, and that, to me, makes #5 the choice.

The great thing that the Wolverines have going for them is that the offensive talent is there, and they will continue to put points on the board this year. 

Here's to the Wolverine Nation...Go Blue!

The Game of the Century

2010 Big Ten Media days

Today begins the annual Big Ten Media days from Chicago.

Here's the link for Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez speaking to the media.

The Wolverines start the season on September 4th vs. Connecticut, at The Big House, Michigan Stadium.

Go Blue!