Monday, May 17, 2010

Bleeding Maize and Blue

Welcome to my blog about Wolverine football.

I am just an average Wolverine fan who loves the Maize and Blue, who respects the Michigan program, good or bad.

I am starting this blog to give the views of an average Michigan fan, good, bad, and indifferent.

I first started following the Wolverine Football team in 1976, When the Wolverines were ranked #1 in the country behind the General, Bo Schembechler, the late Michigan coach, who was on the sideline for the most wins in Wolverine Football History.

All-American QB Rick Leach and RB Rob Lytle were my first Wolverine hero's, and boy was I first three years following the Wolverines, 1976-77-78, Michigan went 30-3 in the regular season, winning three straight Big Ten Titles...and yes, they lost every Rose Bowl. but we Michigan fans never falter, and Bo's first Rose Bowl win, a 23-6 win over the Washington Huskies on January 1, 1981 was as great a victory as the Wolverines have had in my time.

This blog is, and always be, true to the Michigan players and coaches. You will never see me use profanity, or malicious postings about any Wolverine player, coach, or administrator. This is a blog that supports the Michigan Football program, win, or lose.

I fully support Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez, his staff, the players, and the people in the Michigan Athletic Department, including new Athletic Director Dave Brandon. I believe they will do whats right, regardless of the outcome, for the Michigan program.

What I have heard and seen written by supposed Michigan Football fans over the last 5 years, or so, on the Internet, and on sports radio, has been sickening.

Fans spewing profanity laced outbursts against young 18-19-20 year old kids, berating them on talk radio, as they sit on their couches, reaching for another beer, simply because a young man fumbled the ball, or dropped a pass.

It amazes me to hear so called fans complain about the play of the team, asking for the firing of the coaches...these are undoubtedly the same ill mannered, profanity spewing fans who wanted ex-coach Lloyd Carr fired after a marvelous 13 year coaching career that included 123 wins, 5 Big Ten Titles, and the teams first National Championship in 50 years.

If you are a true Michigan fan, you do not, I repeat, you do not, under any circumstances,  attack the program, the coaches, or players, with the use of vulgarity, profanity, or any other abusive rhetoric.
Now, have I been happy with the performance of the team the past few year, no, of course not, but I am a Michigan fan, and I will always be supportive of the players, and the coaches, win or lose.

Michigan fans who spew hate toward the program only make things worse. We, as Michigan fans are entrusted to keep a positive, pro-Wolverine attitude 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its that simple.

This blog is for the Michigan Nation...the true fans of the Maize and Blue...we support our team, our coaches, our program, our players, and all who put on the Maize and Blue every day, and we support them with the ultimate in fan sportsmanship...we honor them by our actions, actions that let them know we are behind them in every game, every situation, no matter what.

We are Michigan fans, we are fans of the most successful program in college football history...the team with most wins, 877, the team with the best winning percentage, .737, the team with the best uniforms, the teams with the best helmets, and the team with the GREATEST FIGHT SONG IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY,  "THE VICTORS."

We are the Michigan Nation...Go Blue.!!!!