Saturday, October 17, 2015

Michigan punter Blake O'Neill

Michigan lost a football game today.

The Wolverines lost on the final play, 27-23, after a botched punt attempt by Blake O'Neill, who has been a tremendous punter this year for Michigan.

Earlier in the game against the Spartans Blake punted  a ball 80 yards, just 2 yards short of a Michigan record.

The Wolverines and their fans were all cheering loudly after that amaxing punt by Blake O'Neill.

As a fan caught up in the excitement of the upcoming Michigan win, I was stunned by what I had just seen happen....then...what in the name of Fielding Yost just happened?

As soon as I sat back down I looked at my wife and said "...that kid won't be able to go to school this week."

Fans, we're a weird, crazy group... "fanatics "  for our teams.

We put everything we have into cheering on our teams, our players.

When they win, we're extatic, happy, smiling and having the best of times...what a great victory today!

When our teams lose, well, we are not happy, and sometimes we get mad, angry, breathing fire as we blame the coaches, the players, the officials, whoever we can blame...all to make us feel better.

Sometimes fans go to far when they're mad.

That sometime happened earlier today, and what was said to Blake O'Neill tonight after the Wolverines loss was, well, disgusting to say the leadt.

Social media is rearing it's ugly side tonight, and it's aiming its hatred at a kid, a kid who plays college football...a kid who made a mistake.

Tonight a bunch of so called called, because, no fan with any redeeming quality of life, should spew the ugly, hateful things that they are attacking Blake with after the young man made a simple mistake.

The mistake Blake O'Neill made cost his team a win in a football game...a college football game.

He didn't beat up a woman, he didn't rob anyone, he didn't stab anyone, he didn't kill anyone.

Any person who tells a college kid to "kill himself," tells a kid that he "choked," or that he "should have his scholarship taken away," should be ashamed of themselves, and should never be allowed to be a fan, or on social media anymore.

Michigan lost a football game today, and thats all that happened.

 I'm pretty sure noone feels as bad as Blake O'Neill does.

I'd like to tell Blake O'Neill that from the bottom of my heart, I apologize to him, as a Michigan fan, for all those hateful things that are bring sent toward him by those so called Michigan  fans.

Blake, those people do not speak for me, nor do they speak for 99% of all the great Michigan  Wolverines fans out there.

I hope,  I'm praying that  you're OK, that you're safe, and that you're among friends and family tonight.

We fans, we cheer on our heroes every week, most of us have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a player, or the pressure that you go through on a daily basis as you live, go to school,  and play football.

I know your teammates and coaches will be there for you, and I know you will get through all this and move on go the next day, the next practice, the next game.

Michigan is a special place, and you're fortunate to me a member of a special group of people...people who've played college football at the greatest University in the United States, the University of Michigan.

Again, please accept my apolgy, on behalf of all the great men, and women who are true Maize and Blue MEEEECHIGAN FANS, fans who are passionate, and fans who know that, win, or lose, we are there for you, your teammates, and the University of Michigan.

May God Bless you, your teammates, your coaches, and your family.

Thank You for playing football for my team.

Thank You for being a Michigan Wolverine.





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  2. We are not Michigan fans, but Football parents and fans of the sport. We commend and support your article. O'Neil is a committed and dedicated player to his team. One play doesn't grade and athlete overall performance. Keep your head up son. Don't let this brake you, let it make you a fearless warrior of the sport. May God continue to bless you and your family.