Friday, September 17, 2010

Week #3, welcome UMASS

No, there will be no Appalachian State reply!

When the University of Massachusetts heads out of the tunnel, and onto the field for Saturday's game at the University of Michigan, many college football fans, and yes, even some Michigan fans, will have the memory of the upset loss to the Mountaineers in the 2007 opener.

Make no mistake, this will not happen!

The Michigan Wolverines will play this game to prepare for the next week, to get better, but this UMASS team is not App. State, and they have not won 3 straight National Championships.

UMASS 2010 season scores

The Minutemen are 2-0, beating William & Mary 27-23 in week 1, and Holy Cross, 31-7, last week.

William & Mary and Holy Cross?

Michigan has defeated the UCONN Huskies, favored by some to win the Big East Championship, and Notre Dame, who was 1-0, and was, well, Notre Dame, one of Michigan's storied rivals.

The coaches will have the players ready on Saturday, and yes, they'll probably remind them of that 2007 game, but even if they don't, this team is not the 2007 team, and they will not care. They just want to go out and play.

After racking up 502 yards of total offense against the Irish, including an 87 yd. TD run, look for some big plays out of Mr. Robinson before he allows the other QB's to come into his neighbor hood to play.

The Final score...Michigan 47, UMASS 17


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