Thursday, September 23, 2010

My new Fave Mascot

Michigan is one of the few schools in the NCAA that doesn't have an on field mascot, but I have found one that will, for now, do just fine thank you.

Ohio Bobcatackles Brutus the Buckeye

This guy in the Ohio Bobcat mascot suit is my new best friend if he wants.

What's great about this is that the only reason the guy tried out for the job as the mascot is the fact that he knew the Bobcats were going to play the Buckeyes at Ohio State.

That's the only reason he wanted the job, so that he could go out there in the pre-game and hammer that ugly looking thing that stalks the Buckeye sidelines...Brutus.

Take a good look at the facial expression of, is that great, or what?

The young man was escorted from the field, and later he was let go by Ohio University.

So what, no big deal. This kid knew he had one shot at hitting that disgusting Buckeye Mascot, and he took it.

Here's a Michigan student from 1983 pummeling Brutus.

These two young man gets my vote as the guy's of the week, of the month, and maybe of the year, unless there's another shot at, that would be great. I wish I could do it myself

Go Blue!

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