Thursday, September 23, 2010

Me, the Wolverines, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I never thought this would happen top me.

I was completely computer illiterate just a few years ago. I didn't have an e-mail address until 2005, and never had my own computer until 2009.

I didn't know about the social networks, Facebook, Twitter. Never knew about sports web sites for fans to talk about sports, places like Fan IQ , a great place I go to talk about the Wolverines with sports fans from across the country.

I never knew that Michigan Football was just a click away, that M Go was just a click away...Go Blue!

I am now immersed in My Twitter Page, or my My Facebook Page, any where that takes me to coverage of the Wolverines.

I just want to devour as much coverage as possible on Michigan Football. 

These 12 weeks in the fall are my favorite time of the sports year. 12 weeks of watching the Wolverines...I love it, and know I search the web every day for Michigan news.

This blog is my personal diary of my love of Michigan Football, and all things Wolverines.

Now it's time to go, and look for that next great article, or post, on the Wolverines...Go Blue!

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