Monday, December 27, 2010

Be positive!

pos·i·tive  (pz-tv)adj.1. Characterized by or displaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmation

For to long now people calling themselves Michigan fans have made it their goal in life to ridicule and rant on the Michigan football team, asking, demanding that the school fire the head football coach.

I've never understood why people are so vociferous, if I may quote the late, great Howard Cosell.

We fans have no power, we have no influence on any decision made by the University of Michigan regarding any coaching moves that may, or may not, be made.
Someone actually created a "fire Lloyd Carr" web site a while back.

Yeah, bet you thought I was referring to Coach Rodriguez, right?

Lloyd Carr won 123 games, Big ten Titles, and a National Championship, and yet fans just weren't happy.

Oh, and he coached a Heisman Trophy winner, Charles Woodson, the first primarily defensive player to win the award.
I wonder if he would like to see Coach Carr back on the sidelines.

Fans want Coach Rodriguez gone, say he's a bad coach.


38-5 the last three years @ West Virginia, and he's coached back to back Big Ten MVP's and Players of the Year in Brandon Graham and Denard Robinson.
I believe, in my heart, that being positive, being supportive, is the only way to be a true fan.

Hey, be mad, be angry, yes, but stay positive about Michigan Football.

Negative energy, back stabbing, and vile words are not what Michigan, the university, the community, or the athletic department, are about.

I support EVERY Michigan team, win or lose.

Do you?

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