Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ohio State Shame

Much has happened over the past couple of months with the Ohio Sate football program.

I was trying to wait until all of the dust had settled before I wrote about the troubles with the Buckeye football program.

The dust may never settle, so here's my look at the Buckeyes, and how great it is to be a Michigan fan.

As a Michigan fan I believe that both Michigan and Ohio State must be strong programs for the Big Ten to succeed.

Yes, I know Nebraska is now a Big Ten member, and that Penn State is right there, but nothing makes Big Ten football like the Wolverines and the Buckeyes.

Michigan has won 42 Big Ten Titles, and the Buckeyes have won 35.

That's 77 of the 114 Big ten Titles since 1896.

The recent troubles at "The Ohio State"  are very alarming.

In reports by Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, and several other Internet posts, the Buckeye trouble can be traced as far back as the 2002 season, the year that Ohio State went 13-0, and won the National Championship.

The Buckeyes have ruled the Big Ten landscape for the past decade, going to a BCS Bowl every year, and playing for the National Championship in 2002, 2006, 2007.

The Buckeyes have also produced several All-Americans, including 2006 Heisman Trophy winner, quarterback Troy Smith.

Maurice Clarrett, players getting cars, and the infamous "Tattoo Gate" have left the Buckeyes without their leader, Head Coach Jim Tressell.

Last night Terrell Pryor, who chose the Buckeyes over Michigan, has left the football team amid more allegations, including eye witness reports that Pryor made as much as $40,000 signing Buckeye memorabilia for cash.

Coach Tressell's miss steps apparently go all the way back to Youngstown State, where he coached the Penguins to championships.

I had always admired Tressell, a great football coach, hey, he beat my Wolverines like no Ohio State coach in my lifetime.

Tressell has written books on leadership, and that now seems comical.

So, here we are, Michigan fans, who just went through our own rule breaking problems during coach Rich Rodriguez three years, although the 200, or so, hours of over practice sessions hardly seems that big a deal any more, in disbelief of what has happened to Ohio State football.

We fans of the Maize and Blue have been giddy since the very first mention last fall over several Buckeye players, including Pryor, who traded their Big Ten Championship rings, Gold Pants, and other memorabilia for free tattoos.

To this Michigan fan, that always said everything to me about the players at Ohio State under Jim Tressell.

While I've never played a down of football for the Wolverines, I find it very hard to believe that a Michigan football player, a coach, or a staff member would ever trade anything they worked for to glorify the school they love for a meager tattoo, or anything else, for that matter.

As a 35 year fan of Michigan Football, Big Ten Championships are what we fans hang our hat on, and if I was honored to have played football under either Bo, Mo, Carr, Rodriguez, or now Brady Hoke, I would NEVER, EVER, give away, or sell, my championship rings, etc., for ANYTHING.

See, for me, that's what always separated Michigan fans from OSU fans.

Ohio State fans could care less how they win, they just want the Buckeyes to win, at all costs.

The proof of this is in the amount of fans who have still shown their support for Tressell, who, because of his LACK of leadership, has brought the dark side of college football to Columbus, and the Big Ten.

"I can assure you that you will be proud of your young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the football field,"

That speech at a Michigan-Ohio State basketball game in Columbus made Tressell an immediate legend with Buckeye fans.

Now that statement is on the tombstone of Tressell, and every coach and administrator who knew what was going on in the Buckeye football program, and turned a blind eye.

Michigan and Ohio State ARE Big Ten Football, but the Buckeyes have now dishonored a 107 year tradition of Wolverine and Buckeye football.

Win, just win, no matter how you do it.

That's what Ohio State Football was under Jim Tressell.

I am a Michigan fan, and I've never been more proud to say that than the past month, or so.

Go Blue!

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  1. Great article thanks for that Vince, Akron,Ohio Go Blue